DNA-Powered Skincare

Born out of passion for scientific craftsmanship.
Made in Switzerland.


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Discover our transformative, DNA-powered skincare that adapts to the unique requirements of your skin.

Using latest discoveries in Genetics to rethink skincare


drawing from DNA research conducted by the Swiss Center for Genetics, we develop highly sophisticated formulations that influence skin’s aging triggers at the source.

We believe that skincare is a transformative experience,

individual to each one of us.

Dr. Elena Pruss & Maria Pruss




we meticulously study the genes responsible for skin aging to develop unique formulations that act at the source to promote skin health and youthful complexion.


having achieved a breakthrough implementation of the Multilamellar Emulsion Technology, our creams offer bespoke real time personalization, allowing the skin to selectively absorb only the ingredients it requires.

Swiss Craftsmanship

developed & produced at the Swiss Center for Genetics in Montreux, Switzerland, each formulation is a testament to Swiss precision and scientific excellence.

“Hidden gem from across the Globe 2024”

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At DR PRUSS, we are always looking to develop meaningful collaborations with individuals and companies who share our values.

Whether you are a brand ambassador or a distributor, we invite you to reach out to us at [email protected]