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F1 Energy + Focus

DR PRUSS®’ F1 formula contains carefully measured potencies of key ingredients available for energy and mitochondrial support, including taurine ...


F8 Cardio Support

DR PRUSS® F8 formula was created to help support mood and cardiovascular health using some of the most effective ingredients available, including inositol, taurine, glycine, itrulline, and carnitine.


F15 Immune Act

DR PRUSS®’ F17 was created to support the immune system by stimulating the TH1 pathway, which is active against viruses ...



Putting our expertise in molecular medicine and personalized nutrition to your service.

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How is DR PRUSS® different from other food supplement companies?

We are not just a food supplement company. DR PRUSS® nutritional and beauty products are born out of years of research and clinical applications at RCLIN’s Swiss-headquartered network of clinics and medical labs specializing in personalized molecular medicine, beauty, and nutrition.

Since 2002 we have catered to an exclusive client who values well-being and wants to maintain a good quality of life. DR PRUSS® is the Pruss family-owned and managed business and is part of RCLIN Life Sciences Group.  Our sole responsibility is ensuring the SATISFACTION of our clients. Our offer to you is the finest QUALITY, POTENCY, and PURITY the industry has to offer.