Our Quality

Our team is committed to investing in the best ingredients available. DR PRUSS® line of products is part of RCLIN Life Sciences Group, a vertically integrated Swiss-headquartered company with medical clinics, labs and manufacturing facilities specializing in personalized molecular medicine, beauty and nutrition. RCLIN’s medical team sees patients, who use our products on a daily basis and can validate how effective they are. We bring to the market only what we genuinely believe is good for our clients. We are vertically integrated, meaning that we develop and produce the majority of our formulations at our own facilities by drawing on a vast pool of knowledge of our physicians, nutritionists, lab analysts and pharmacists. Our entire team is contributing a unique set of knowledge and experience with one goal in mind – create and deliver a product of an exceptional quality that works.

Based out of our Swiss headquarters, RCLIN’s team of bio-scientists, doctors, pharmacists and nutrition specialists have drawn on years of clinical experience and volumes of international peer-reviewed research to create supplements and beauty products designed to support and improve the natural biological reactions for better health and quality of life of our clients.

Once a formula is discovered by our clinical team, it undergoes a vigorous examination and approval process at our R&D laboratory before it is authorized for sourcing and manufacturing. Our experts carefully select each specific ingredient, which is scientifically known for its strong health effects.

Quality Management is at the core of all the activities happening at RCLIN, starting from the appointed personnel, the on-going trainings, as well as the raw material sourcing process upstream to our fine and exclusive products and therapy plans. We are passionate at only sourcing from reputable and duly certified suppliers for our contamination-free raw materials as these are the ingredients that instill unique characteristics to our formulations. The entire warehousing and manufacturing facilities are designed to provide optimum work-flow and controlled environment. Our comprehensive documentation system secures consistency, traceability and the highest possible level of control.

DR PRUSS® products are formulated in such a way as to favor specific health-restoring indications, and client acceptance in terms of presentation and recommended regimens. In addition, our formulations are rigorously analyzed to secure full regulatory compliance with respect to the composition, labelling requirements and packaging to secure quality and integrity to all our products.

It is our vision to be the natural choice through valuing our clients’ needs and delivering world-class supplement and beauty products.