For those who want to take their health and wellness to the next level, our personalized nutrition service is available exclusively at our facility in Montreux, Switzerland.

DR PRUSS® is part of RCLIN Life Sciences Group combining clinical, research and manufacturing capabilities under one roof. At the RCLIN Center for Molecular Medicine in Montreux, Switzerland, our team brings the scientific concept of personalized nutrition into reality, where unique nutritional formulas are created by our team specifically for you. RCLIN’s in-house team of doctors, biochemists, and pharmacologists create compound formulas on-demand based on the patients’ biomarkers. We truly mean that our food supplements can be personalized to your body’s needs.

At RCLIN Center for Molecular Medicine, we build personalized nutritional programs that are based on advanced molecular and genetic diagnostics. We conduct a 360° assessment of your body’s systems on a molecular and cellular level, as well as your genetic makeup. We then use this information to craft a unique nutritional package, that naturally repairs broken chains and rebalances biochemical reactions in your body. The personalized program’s aim is to address the root causes of your issues, and not just the symptoms. Various levels of such programs are available and each program is specifically tailored to the customer’s health needs and life goals.

In addition to our personalized nutrition services, our top-of-the-line nutritional supplements are available for purchase online.

For customers who wish to inquire further into personalized service at the RCLIN Center for Molecular Medicine in Montreux, Switzerland, please fill out the form below.