About Us

The DR PRUSS® mission is to provide our health-conscious clients with the highest quality nutritional and beauty formulations with a proven efficacy rate. Our products are research-based, meaning formulations are created based on science and clients’ positive feedback. Through extensive research and development, we are offering products of the highest quality, potency, and purity.

DR PRUSS® is part of RCLIN Life Sciences Group. RCLIN is a vertically integrated international network of medical clinics, research and production facilities specialized in personalized molecular medicine, beauty and nutrition. Since 2002, RCLIN has grown out of a private medical practice of Dr. Elena Pruss into an international business and is wholly owned and managed by the Pruss family.

DR PRUSS® formulas have been born out of the proprietary clinical research and personalized treatments performed at RCLIN Center for Molecular Medicine, in Montreux, Switzerland. DR PRUSS® formulas are proprietary developed and consist of carefully selected combinations of ingredients, vitamins, and minerals with a proven efficacy rate.

The quality and safety testing of all DR PRUSS® products is performed by specialized and internationally accredited laboratories, based in Switzerland.