Our Story

Born out of passion for scientific craftsmanship

It all began at the Swiss Center for Genetics, with a breakthrough genetic Skin Test


Led by the Pruss family, Swiss Center for Genetics is a genetic laboratory in Montreux, Switzerland, specializing in DNA testing and longevity research.


In 2022, it has a breakthrough, creating a revolutionary genetic Skin Test that offers an unparalleled understanding of skin aging.

A Founder’s vision


Dr. Elena Pruss, MD, PhD

a researcher and clinical practitioner with more than 25 years of experience. Spearheading Swiss Center for Genetics, she is the leading expert on multi-disciplinary holistic approach to health, incorporating individual genetic predispositions in personalized programs addressing the root causes.

Dr Pruss lays out a vision to create beauty formulations that use the power of natural ingredients to promote skin health at the source by addressing genetic skin aging triggers, rather than merely masking the signs of aging.

A Family legacy


Maria Pruss, MSc

having grown up witnessing the power of personalized healthcare, Maria goes on to develop a strong cross-functional background in business (University of Lausanne) and evidence-based medicine (University of Oxford). She proceeds to lead the scientific and administrative teams at Swiss Center for Genetics becoming an active advocate of using epigenetics in longevity.

Fascinated by the revelations of genetic skin test she begins to leverage her unique multi-disciplinary expertise to lead the development of DR PRUSS brand.

Brand DNA


We believe in empowering individuals to embrace their unique skin stories, creating a long-term transformative experience that goes beyond superficial ‘quick fix’ beauty.

Our commitment to redefining skincare lies in valuing scientific craftsmanship and integrity, in perpetual search for excellence.

New era of skincare


DR PRUSS launches its DNA-Powered skincare bringing together the cutting-edge scientific expertise of Swiss Center for Genetics and a deep-rooted commitment to individualized skin health.